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Welcome to my Sims 3 Story Blog! Here, you will find the trials, tribulations, and romance of (eventually) ten generations of the Farmer women, beginning with Frannie Farmer and her doting husband, Charlie. In a brand new format, you will find every chapter published (and those that are anticipated or coming soon!) listed below in recommended reading order (not necessarily chronological.) Not sure where to begin? Start here! 

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I present, my Farmer Family Legacy stories!

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Thoughts on the Prologue
The Story Continues…
Some Thoughts On Chapters Two and Three
Changes Coming Soon
Generation One Comes To An End
Lots of Story Posted Tonight!
About Generation Three
Generation Four Almost Ready!
The Game Throws A Curve Ball
Another Farmer Legacy First!
Thoughts About Generation Three
Generation Five
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Happy New Year – The Farmer Legacy 2019 Year In Review
Generation One Is Live!
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Happy New Year! The Farmer Family Legacy 2020 Year In Review

The Prologue

Charles Farmer. Frances and Penelope Hutchins, The Prologue.

The original Prologue is still available here!
Chapter One – The Beginning (New Links Coming Soon!)
Chapter Two – The Planning
Chapter Three – The Wedding

Generation One

Charlie, Fran, and Destiny Farmer, Generation One

G1 – Chapter One – Settling In
G1 – Chapter Two – Problems Arise
G1 – Chapter Three – Life On The Farm
G1- Chapter Four – Charlie’s Return Home
G1 – Chapter Five – When It Rains, It Pours
G1 – Chapter Six – Saying Goodbye
G1 – Chapter Seven – Penny’s Last Gift
G1 – Chapter Eight – The War Zone
G1 – Chapter Nine – War Is Hell On The Homefront
G1 – Chapter Ten – Charlie’s Nightmare
G1 – Chapter Eleven – The Homecoming
G1 – Chapter Twelve – A Prayer Is Answered
G1 – Chapter Thirteen – Fran’s Destiny
G1 – Chapter Fourteen – Life With Destiny
G1 – Chapter Fifteen, Part One – Charlie’s Birthday Surprise
G1 – Chapter Fifteen, Part Two – The Reunion
G1 – Chapter Fifteen, Part Three – Charlie’s Mistake
G1 – Chapter Fifteen, Part Four – The Photograph
G1 – Chapter Fifteen, Part Five – Charlie Wells His Story
G1 – Chapter Sixteen – Reconciliation
G1 – Chapter Seventeen, Part One – Destiny’s Surprise
G1 – Chapter Seventeen, Part Two – The Farmers Reunite New!
Generation One – Chapter Eighteen
Generation One – Chapter Nineteen
Generation One – Chapter Twenty

Generation Two – Rewrites Coming Winter/Spring 2021

Standing: Bree-Ann, Bella Atwood, Sitting: Destiny, Arthur and Bianca Atwood, Generation Two

Destiny Penelope Farmer – Coming Soon!
Arthur Hudson Atwood – Coming Soon!
Generation Two – Chapter One
Generation Two – Chapter Two
Generation Two – Chapter Three
Generation Two – Chapter Four
Generation Two – Chapter Five
Generation Two – Chapter Six
Generation Two – Chapter Seven
Generation Two – Chapter Eight
Generation Two – Chapter Nine
Generation Two – Chapter Ten
Generation Two – Chapter Eleven
Generation Two – Chapter Twelve
Generation Two – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Two – Chapter Fourteen
Generation Two – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Two – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Two – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Two – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Two – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Two – Chapter Twenty

Generation Three

Christopher (Standing), Bella, Rogelio, and Charlotte St. John, Generation Three

Bree-Ann Atwood
Isabella “Bella” Atwood
Bianca Atwood

Generation Three – Chapter One
Generation Three – Chapter Two
Generation Three – Chapter Three
Generation Three – Chapter Four
Generation Three – Chapter Five
Generation Three – Chapter Six
Generation Three – Chapter Seven
Generation Three – Chapter Eight
Generation Three – Chapter Nine
Generation Three – Chapter Ten
Generation Three – Chapter Eleven
Generation Three – Chapter Twelve
Generation Three – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Three – Chapter Fourteen
Generation Three – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Three – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Three – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Three – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Three – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Three – Chapter Twenty

Generation Four

Standing: Darcey, Devin and Danae Jones, Sitting: Charlotte & Travis Jones, Generation Four

Charlotte Destiny St John
Christopher Arthur St John
Travis Richard Jones

Generation Four – Chapter One
Generation Four – Chapter Two
Generation Four – Chapter Three
Generation Four – Chapter Four
Generation Four – Chapter 4.1
Generation Four – Chapter Five
Generation Four – Chapter Six
Generation Four – Chapter Seven
Generation Four – Chapter Eight
Generation Four – Chapter Nine
Generation Four – Chapter Ten
Generation Four – Chapter Eleven
Generation Four – Chapter Twelve
Generation Four – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part One
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part Two
Generation Four – Chapter Fourteen, Part Three
Generation Four – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Four – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Four – Chapter Seventeen
Generation Four – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Four – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty One
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty-Two
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Three
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Four
Generation Four – Chapter Twenty Five

Generation Five

Back Row: Eamon & Elyse Murphy, Front: Tessa, Danae, Andy, and Teddy Murphy, Generation Five

Darcey Isabella & Danae Elizabeth Jones
Devin Rogelio Jones
Clinton Adam Scroggins
Anduin Rowan Murphy

Generation Five – Chapter One
Generation Five – Chapter Two
Generation Five – Chapter Three
Generation Five – Chapter Four
Generation Five – Chapter Five
Generation Five – Chapter Six
Generation Five – Chapter Seven
Generation Five – Chapter Eight
Generation Five – Chapter Nine
Generation Five – Chapter Ten
Generation Five – Chapter Eleven
Generation Five – Chapter Twelve
Generation Five – Chapter Thirteen
Generation Five – Chapter Fourteen
Generation Five – Chapter Fifteen
Generation Five – Chapter Sixteen
Generation Five – Chapter Seventeen, Part One
Generation Five – Chapter Seventeen, Part Two
Generation Five – Chapter Eighteen
Generation Five – Chapter Nineteen
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty One
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Two
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Three
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Four
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Five, Part One
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Five, Part Two
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Five, Part Three
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Six
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Seven
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Eight, Part One
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Eight, Part Two
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Eight, Part Three
Generation Five – Chapter Twenty Nine
Generation FIve – Chapter Thirty
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty One
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty Two
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty Three
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty Four
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty Five, Part One
Generation Five – Chapter Thirty Five, Part Two New!!

All poses on the feature photos are from Poses By Bee. Check out her site for some AWESOME, lifelike poses. Cover photo pose by Forever Hailey.