Some Thoughts On Chapters Two and Three

If you haven’t read through Chapter Three, please do not continue with this until you do, as it contains spoilers. 

Now that you have been warned (haha) I have a few thoughts on the content of chapters two and three.  Between chapters two and three, a little time has passed, and that is for a reason: To save you from some pretty boring, nothing-is-happening-worth-writing-about stuff.  That, and I wanted to move the story along a little bit, so I did some playing without necessarily taking notes and feeling the need to document every time they pick an eggplant or find a new seed, or go to the season festival.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to read all of that humdrum stuff, and I”m sure you don’t either.

I also have a confession to make about the death of Penny Hutchins.  She hasn’t actually died in my game yet, but my family is getting the characteristic bugs that start to plague my game, and I might have to save Fran and Charlie and move them to a different house, probably sooner than later.  It makes more sense to me to have Penny kind of, out of the way, maybe?  Is that cruel?  I am also not into the summer /fall seasons yet, but from the past few days I’ve played and literally nothing fun happened, I feel pretty confident that my own little narrative will play out pretty close.  Penny truly is on her last days, and she might leave the game on her own here before the game totally bugs out on me.  I sincerely hope that does not happen, however, because I want to have that family tree retained on Fran’s side.  I’m not sure how that would work if I had to save them and restart a whole new game, even with Penny’s urn/tombstone in her inventory.  We’ll see, I suppose.

From here out, I do intend to follow my game play a lot more closely.  I’m so excited to see what happens with Fran and Charlie after Penny’s demise.  Will they finally get pregnant?  Will Charlie stay stationed in Appaloosa Plains?  Will Fran give up on her quest to be a mother?

Stay tuned to find the answers to all these questions!

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