G2 Chapter Five – And Two Become One

The wedding took over a year to plan, between the venues, her dress and every little detail that they both wanted. The little church was the busiest during the summer months, so they planned a winter wedding, much like what Charlie and Fran had done so many years ago. The final arrangements were finished in the month before the wedding.  Her dress was exquisite, a white satin beaded with off-pink crystals in the form of tiny flowers. Her veil was simple, just a little piece of tulle that went into her elegant updo. Since the wedding would be in early winter, her boots were functional in the snow, but still appropriate for dancing into the night at the reception. All of the invitations were mailed out, and most of the RSVPs were returned quickly. It was promised to be the event of the year, and everyone who was anyone in Starlight Shores would be there.

On the morning of the wedding, Destiny called Arthur as she did every morning before he went to work. But in his voice was something she hadn’t heard before. She hung up the phone with an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. But she brushed it off and went about doing everything she needed to do. The wedding was at noon, but she left her home at 9am for the church, to make sure that the venue was ready for the coming onslaught.


At 11:30, Arthur still wasn’t at the church, and Desi was genuinely concerned. Just as she pulled her cell phone out of her bag to call him, Arthur walked through the front door. He was greeted heartily by the socialites that were in attendance, and the press gaggle in the back of the vestibule held out hands to shake. When he saw Destiny waiting at the front of the church for him, he felt the urge to run, but he forced himself to meet her at the altar. For a few awkward moments, they stood together while Arthur tried to compose himself.


Then, without warning or explanation, he ran down the aisle toward the door. Paparazzi tried to stop him, but he pushed through and ran for his car, and sped off into the flurries. Inside was a scene of total devastation. Destiny, who had spent the last 14 months planning to marry the man she couldn’t live without, had been left at the altar in the most humiliating way. And instead of compassion, her guests turned and laughed her out of the building, the ceremony and reception in ruins.

When she got to her limo, she started to sob. Hot, bitter tears fell onto her dress, No! She thought. I am not going to let him get away this easily! She asked her driver to bring her to his workplace, but he was not there. She went to his home, but he was not there, either. Desperate, she called his cell phone, and to her surprise, he answered it. Her first thought was to scream at him, but she held her tongue.

“Babe,” Arthur choked on tears of his own, “I am so sorry I left you like that. I never meant to hurt you.”

“Well, you did,” Desi spat, furious with him. “You humiliated me in front of the whole town!”

“I know, and I’m so very sorry.” His voice quivered on the other end of the line. “I don’t deserve a treasure like you.”

“What is this all about, Art? Is it something I did? Do you even love me?” She was close to shouting at him, and she wasn’t sorry. Desi wasn’t sure she wanted to hear the answers, but she asked the questions anyway.

“No, NO!” He cried on the other end of the line, “It’s nothing like that at all. But I meant it when I said I don’t deserve a treasure like you. I mean, look at you. You are a genuine star, and you could have anybody in this town. And I mean anyone. Why? Why did you pick me?”

“Is that what this is?” Desi asked. “How could you even wonder such a thing?” She sat in her limo, trembling, and still angry. “Arthur, I love YOU, not everyone else in this forsaken city. And if it keeps us together, I’ll walk away from it all. Every bit of fame, all of the stuff, even the career that I love. Because I love you more than all of this.” She waved her arms around for effect and felt foolish when she saw people staring at her through the open window. She waved sheepishly to the onlookers and closed the window.

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time began to sob. They cried together on the phone for what seemed like hours. “Well,” Desi finally spoke. “There is no use in wasting today. Meet me at the courthouse, and we’ll elope. Tonight. No press, no guests, no publicity, no Paparazzi. Just you and me.”

“That sounds magical, Babe. I’ll meet you at the courthouse in half an hour. I need to get cleaned up a bit.” Arthur couldn’t imagine letting Desi see him without at least washing his face. They agreed on the time and hung up the phone.

Desi had the limo driver take her home so she could retouch her makeup. Her hair was messy, and her face was puffy, but somehow, she didn’t care anymore. What mattered to her was being with Arthur, and nothing else.

Thirty minutes later, Desi and Arthur were standing on the steps of the courthouse, hand in hand. He looked at her, so remorseful of the pain he had caused. She looked beautiful to him, even with her messy hair, puffy eyes and tear-stained gown. They walked hand in hand to the courthouse, signed their paperwork, said their vows and exchanged rings. All they ever needed was the two of them, and that is precisely what they had.  They walked out of the courthouse a legally married couple. That was what mattered to both of them.

Her limo took both of them to her house, where Arthur would be moving. He had already packed up his small apartment and was ready to finish bringing his few belongings over during the following week. When they reached the door, he stopped her from opening it. “Here,” he said, fumbling with the key. “I’ve got this!” He got the key into the lock and swung the door open wide. Then with one swoop, he picked her up off her feet and carried her into their home, and into her bedroom. He gently set her on the bed and lit a fire in the fireplace. The champagne she had in the refrigerator was waiting for them. He held up one finger, and ran downstairs and back up as quickly as he could, nearly tripping on the top step like he did every time he climbed them.

“Tada!” He exclaimed as he appeared in the doorway, clutching two champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly. The plug popped with great force, bouncing off two walls before coming to rest on the hearth of the fireplace. I couldn’t do that again if I tried, he thought. Desi laughed, and then scooted to the edge of the bed, arose and sat in the small loveseat in her loft bedroom, right in front of the fire. He poured their champagne and they toasted to love, their marriage and a new life together. Exhausted, they fell asleep as the champagne’s bubbles faded and the fire slowly burned out.

Arthur and Destiny never got to go on a honeymoon that year. Desi had steady gigs at many venues in town, and could not just forfeit the shows. And Arthur, who had recently changed jobs again, couldn’t get the time off either. But they settled into their lives happily. Desi was still a rising star, not quite at the top but getting there. Over the years, she won the top prize at the SimFest four times and kept all four trophies on a shelf near the front door. Arthur was thriving in his new career and was seriously considering beginning a band with a few co-workers. Then one afternoon, Desi received a call from her agent, saying they were booking a world tour, and she was headlining! Naturally, she was ecstatic about the opportunity, and Arthur encouraged her to go. He was even arranging for some time off to go with her.

Two weeks before the tour was to kick off, Desi wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t understand why, though, because she had a physical exam on top of labs and shots for her passport. But the doctor revealed the very good reason why she could not keep any food down. Destiny was expecting their first child! But, the timing was awful for her and Arthur. Before she even told her husband, Destiny was on the phone with her agent. He agreed that she should be home with her family during such an exciting time, so plans were set in motion to postpone the tour until after the baby was born.

On her way home from the doctor, she stopped at the restaurant that made Arthur’s favorite dish and ordered it to go. At the grocery store, she bought some bubble bath and some fresh watermelon to settle a craving. She kept his dinner warm in the oven, drew a bubble bath for him so it was ready when he got home. She lured him upstairs with her best “come hither” look, and surprised him with a long, luxurious soak. When he descended the stairs, relaxed and feeling good, she had his favorite dinner waiting for him. Just about then he started getting suspicious that something big was about to hit the fan. But he saw her smiling and snickering like she had a huge surprise.

“Alright, little missy,” Arthur scolded playfully, “What’s up your sleeve with all this special treatment, hmm?

“What, can’t a girl do something special for her man once in a while?” Desi kept laughing until a sudden wave of nausea swept over her. Holding up a finger, she made a dash for the half bath and vomited, barely making it. After a minute or two to compose herself, she didn’t miss a beat, continuing right where she left off. “Well, I do have some news about the tour…” Her face went poker straight. Even she was surprised she pulled it off so completely.

“Uh oh,” Arthur replied. “Are we still going? Did it get canceled?”

“Well, no, and kinda.” Desi teased. “I mean no, we’re not going on tour, and the whole thing got postponed.”

Arthur sighed. “Well, now I get why you had to build me up for that letdown.” He took a drink of his coffee. “So, what happened to postpone it?”

Desi smiled her biggest, brightest smile, sat next to him and took his hands in hers. “We have some company coming during the tour. My agent thought I might like to get acquainted with them, especially during the first few months.”

Arthur looked at Desi, totally confused. “Months? What kind of company are we having that they’re going to be here for months?”

“Honey,” she replied softly and sweetly, “the kind of company that will call you ‘Daddy’”

He sat there in stunned silence, wondering if he had heard her correctly. But she sat in her chair, patting her tummy and smiling. “You mean, we’re… “

“Yes, we’re going to have a baby!” Desi beamed. She only knew about the baby for mere hours, but she was already in love with the little being growing inside her.

Up Next: Chapter Six, Generation Two

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