About Generation Three

Hey everyone!  Generation Two is quickly coming to an end (sad face!) and there will be one last chapter in the story of Destiny Farmer coming shortly. However, because she and Arthur had three girls (one by total accident, as happens sometimes in real life) and I figure people will be interested in their stories to a point where one is the obvious choice to continue the legacy, I have three long chapters, one for each daughter.  I realize that they are long, especially the two oldest girls.  Bianca, well, she hasn’t been around in the story as long as Bree and Bella, figuring about 15-16 years between the youngest and oldest.   At the time of Arthur’s death in Chapter 9, Bree was 4 days from being an adult (as opposed to young adult) and Bianca was just getting ready to graduate from high school.  This would be consistent with the 15-16 year age difference between Bree and Bianca.

Anyway, that’s the story with the girls.  Generation three will continue with the chosen heir shortly, so stay tuned for the end of Gen Two and the rest of Gen Three.


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