Generation Four Almost Ready!

Hello simmers! I know we are still in high gear with stories from generation three, but Charlotte will be graduating from high school soon, and we know what that means… Generation four will kick off shortly! I am going to introduce the children officially like I did with the three girls in generation three, and then continue on the with obvious heir. Be prepared for some reading, though. Charlotte’s story isn’t finished, and I’m already 12 pages into it so far (for reference, Bree’s story, which was the longest for 3, went only 9 pages!) I am leaning towards one over the other, but you won’t know until you read for yourselves! (Don’t you love a good mystery with some suspense?!?) This will also be different because Bella and Rog’s story will run concurrently with the opening of generation four.

Each generation becomes more and more of a surprise, and I get more and more attached to them as I plod along. I am so excited to share these two wonderful kids with you, barring any more oopses from Bella and Rog!

Also, if you haven’t heard, we have a new Facebook page, where there are albums of screenshots from each generation, so you can put faces with the names. I haven’t dedicated much of the game and story to screenshots, BUT!!! There is a video posted on our Facebook page that I did, starring Destiny and Arthur, to a song by a great Swedish band called Smash Into Pieces. Give it a watch and I’d love your feedback!! Dont forget to like our page to get every update and new chapter!!

Stay tuned!

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