Thoughts About Generation Three

The conclusion of Generation Three, with Bella and Rogelio St John, has been published, and I thought I would share a few thoughts about the chapter, and about Bella and Rog as a whole.

Rog & Bella have been the most interesting of the families I have written about yet. In many ways, they might be the peak of what this legacy will look like, though I admit I never know in advance which way the story will go. Bella’s early relationship with Estevan Best was actually very rocky in the game, and with his “Mean Spirited” and “Evil” traits, he became the natural antagonist in this generation. His craziness was offset with Rog’s happy-go-lucky nature, and his fierce love and desire to protect Bella. Often, when I was writing, I’d run into a snag with a story line, and I would have doubts about taking the story in the direction I was writing, so I would write an alternate ending, or path. Usually, my original plot was more interesting than the rewrite, so I wound up keeping it.

If I said their in-game deaths weren’t devastating, I’d be a big ol’ liar. Rog’s death tore me up, and Bella’s death the following sim day was equally horrible. I was attached to them and their story, so I am hoping that I did their final days some justice in the last chapter. I, like Bella, was not ready for them to go.

I hope you have enjoyed the stories up to this point. There is a lot more coming, with Generation Five growing up faster than I can say “Sul Sul.” Charlotte and Travis still have much more to live, and their beautiful children have their own stories to tell.

I look forward to sharing this passion, my heart, with you. Enjoy!

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