Generation Five

Hey everyone! I have some news regarding Generation Five. The twins, Danae and Darcey, are now officially young adults in the game, which means… their stories are coming shortly! Because they are identical twins, their stories are written as one. I’m sure neither of them would have it any other way!

Devin is now officially a teenager, and is almost the spitting image of his daddy, Travis. I won’t know for sure if he will stay with that strong resemblance, or if he will lean more toward Charlotte by the time he is an adult. We will see!

For those of you who do not follow our Facebook page, I will post the photos (read:Screenshots) of the Generation Five actors, in all life stages, below.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the stories, and as always I welcome feedback, comments or questions at the end of each post. I feel like the Jones family is my own, and I will miss Charlotte and Travis when it is their turn to meet the Reaper.

Without further ado:

Danae Elizabeth Jones

Darcey Isabella Jones

Devin Rogelio Jones

Thanks again for reading, and for allowing me the chance to share the combination of my two passions: The Sims, and writing. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the resources to do both.

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