Hiatus Announced

Hello, fellow simmers and romance fans (if any are following for that purpose.) I just want to bring you up to date on the blog and myself very quickly.

I am taking a planned posting hiatus for January 2020, mostly so I can begin my planned re-writes of Generations One and Two. I’m anticipating this will take some time to complete, but I am hoping to publish Generation One in its entirety in January.  The rewrites are in very rough draft form, but I found my original gameplay notes, so I have some foundation to work with. Fingers crossed on this huge undertaking.

Second, I am obviously not going to be finishing Generation Five any time soon. Danae and Andy’s stories have been incredibly fun to write, and I’m not even close to drawing this to a close. That said, Elyse’s story is currently in development, along with Eamon’s and the… new Murphy munchkins! They are born in the game, but not in the story, but I promise that the storyline will not be left hanging until February. I am planning one last chapter before the end of the year, and I’m working on that this weekend without fail.

I am available via email, Facebook, Twitter or by inboxing me on this blog. As always, I welcome your comments, kind constructive criticism and a friendly word of encouragement. This project is a labor of love and has taken a good part of my past year. I’m having the time of my life writing my stories for you. I hope to see all of you in the new year. 

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