Generation One Is Live!

Hello Sim Fans! I have some (obvious) news if you have been following on Twitter or Facebook, you already know the first five chapters of my Generation One rewrites are live on the WordPress blog. They are brand new content, completely rewritten and I think improved. I can’t wait to share the entire Gen One story with you.

That said, the rest of the chapters will go live one by one as they are finished and edited. Right now, I only have nine full chapters written with a possible twenty planned. It turns out, when you are writing events that cover almost forty years, it takes a few written words to tell the story. So keep your eyes out for the rest of the story.

Generation Five is still on hiatus until the rewrites are complete and posted in their entirety. That doesn’t mean that Andy and Danae are going away any time soon. We’re just paused on the Murphy era for a little while longer.

I will be continuing to work on the other four chapters I have written and get them on the WordPress blog over the weekend. It’s not exactly how I had planned it, but I also wasn’t counting being ill, either. C’est la vie.

I hope that you’ll stay tuned for the rest of Charlie and Fran’s story. Thank you tons for reading, and I welcome and even encourage comments on the chapters. We’ll see you in Appaloosa Plains!

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