Short Hiatus (Hopefully!!)

Hello Sims and romance fans!

This coming week presents some genuine problems with Hurricane Ian’s arrival in the Central Florida area. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, now I’m preparing for a hurricane I can’t afford, one that threatens our home and family. This year has been a humdinger of a mess. I know I shouldn’t wish my life away, but this year could not end fast enough.

That said, I have been working on Chapter Seven for publishing, and I’m hoping to get it on the blog and done before we lose power and/or internet services for a while. If I’m out of commission for any length of time, Chris will take over briefly here at WordPress until I am back up and running, no matter where or when that would be.

I know y’all are diverse and come from different backgrounds, but if I could ask just this one favor from you, I would so appreciate it. Please keep me, my family, and the entire state of Florida in your thoughts and prayers this week? Whatever that looks like to you—white light, healing light, prayers, thoughts—I know every Floridian in this storm’s path will appreciate it. Wherever Ian comes onshore, it’s sure to cause some havoc. I really hate to see anyone’s life upended because of a natural disaster, but when it threatens so close to home… it’s a bit unnerving. I’m trying to stay calm. That’s the best I have right now.

If you don’t already, now is a good time to follow the blog on Facebook or Twitter, as I will probably post updates there as I can. Stay tuned for more of Destiny’s story, coming as soon as I can get it out. I’m crossing my fingers that it will happen before Ian rains down hell and fury on us on Wednesday.

If you’re in the storm’s path, know that my prayers are going up tonight for each of us. Stay safe, and I promise to do my best to do that, too!

Cover image courtesy of Kanenori from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Short Hiatus (Hopefully!!)

  1. From the bottom of my heart I wish that the storm “Ian” will not cause any major damage in your home and your country of Florida.
    In Germany we don’t even need a storm for major damage.
    We have our own lowbrow politicians, which cut us off from gas and electricity to show the right attitude.

    We all hope to get through the winter without blackouts or losing our home and yard because of the ridiculously high costs.
    Sending hugs and prayers your way, stay safe.
    Looking forward to the next chapter. 😊

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    1. Oh, Liese, I’m so sorry! I have heard of the troubles in Germany, and it grieves me to hear it. As for us, we are getting ready to meet this monster head on. I’ll never say no to hugs and prayers! Thank you so much!

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