The Game Throws A Curve Ball

Hey, it’s me. I wanted to let you know that the release of chapter five in G4 will be a little late, as I’m doing a Farmer Legacy first… a sub-chapter. The game, I noticed this evening, has thrown the St John family a bit of a curve ball, and a plot I never could have predicted, which necessitates the addition of Chapter 4.1 in Generation Four.

I anticipate some problems getting through this sub-chapter, but it won’t be a long one to read. It does, however, change the trajectory of the story line to a point. I’m hoping to have this done by the weekend, and back on track with the normal stories early next week, hopefully with no more problems!

Stay tuned!

Generation Four Almost Ready!

Hello simmers! I know we are still in high gear with stories from generation three, but Charlotte will be graduating from high school soon, and we know what that means… Generation four will kick off shortly! I am going to introduce the children officially like I did with the three girls in generation three, and then continue on the with obvious heir. Be prepared for some reading, though. Charlotte’s story isn’t finished, and I’m already 12 pages into it so far (for reference, Bree’s story, which was the longest for 3, went only 9 pages!) I am leaning towards one over the other, but you won’t know until you read for yourselves! (Don’t you love a good mystery with some suspense?!?) This will also be different because Bella and Rog’s story will run concurrently with the opening of generation four.

Each generation becomes more and more of a surprise, and I get more and more attached to them as I plod along. I am so excited to share these two wonderful kids with you, barring any more oopses from Bella and Rog!

Also, if you haven’t heard, we have a new Facebook page, where there are albums of screenshots from each generation, so you can put faces with the names. I haven’t dedicated much of the game and story to screenshots, BUT!!! There is a video posted on our Facebook page that I did, starring Destiny and Arthur, to a song by a great Swedish band called Smash Into Pieces. Give it a watch and I’d love your feedback!! Dont forget to like our page to get every update and new chapter!!

Stay tuned!

About Generation Three

Hey everyone!  Generation Two is quickly coming to an end (sad face!) and there will be one last chapter in the story of Destiny Farmer coming shortly. However, because she and Arthur had three girls (one by total accident, as happens sometimes in real life) and I figure people will be interested in their stories to a point where one is the obvious choice to continue the legacy, I have three long chapters, one for each daughter.  I realize that they are long, especially the two oldest girls.  Bianca, well, she hasn’t been around in the story as long as Bree and Bella, figuring about 15-16 years between the youngest and oldest.   At the time of Arthur’s death in Chapter 9, Bree was 4 days from being an adult (as opposed to young adult) and Bianca was just getting ready to graduate from high school.  This would be consistent with the 15-16 year age difference between Bree and Bianca.

Anyway, that’s the story with the girls.  Generation three will continue with the chosen heir shortly, so stay tuned for the end of Gen Two and the rest of Gen Three.


Generation One Comes To An End

By now, you know that both Charlie and Fran have met their demise in the Generation One series of stories.  This draws to its natural conclusion the love story that was theirs.  Their legacy lives on in the life of their only daughter, Destiny, so named for the concept that was prevalent in the Prologue stories.

Chapter One of Generation Two is already written and awaits publishing.  I hope you have enjoyed the stories up to this point as  much as I have. I almost feel like Fran and Charlie have become a big part of me, and I will miss them as much as Destiny will.

Thanks so much for reading!  Enjoy the beginning of Generation Two!

Changes Coming Soon

Hello friends and fellow Simmers!

Over the coming few weeks, since I seem to have nothing but time on my hands these days, I will be overhauling the original Prologue part of the story. The reason is two-fold. First reason is a platform switch from Sims 3 to Sims 4 (with the pending release of “Get Famous” this story will be easier to tell from within the Sims 4) and for the sake of continuity, I really want to make the story fit better.  The second reason is a little more of a content reason.  After going back and reading the stories, I realize that I’ve made some (I won’t call them mistakes) decisions that I am not terribly happy with at this time.  Fran, Penny and Charlie sound a little too “hick-ish” to me, and in rewriting I’d like to tone that back a little.  The original prologue was set in Appaloosa Plains in the Sims 3, which I always believed (or played) to be a little farming community.  That said, I didn’t mean to make my characters sound how they do.  It was not my intention at the start to make their dialog as it ended up. So my rewrites will be cleaned up to reflect that.  At this time, it looks like only chapter one of the prologue will be rewritten,  however this might change in the near future if I think it’s necessary.

As it stands in game, Fran and Charlie are newly married, with Penny (Frannie’s mom) living with the happy couple. Fran and Charlie are how I last played them in the Sims 3, and I will continue their story from this point forward.  I am not playing this even closely to a Legacy type challenge, as I had to use extensive cheats in game to get them to where the story leaves them.  I have not inserted George, Dolly and their family into this version of the Sims, so any mention of the Farmer family (other than Fran and Charlie) is mainly from me and not the game.  Basically, this will just be me, blending two of my favorite things… writing, and gaming.  For now, I’m blessed to have the time and resources to do both.

After careful consideration, I have decided after all to continue playing the Farmer family within the confines of the Sims 3 instead of 4.  I know I seem a little undecided on how to continue, but as of now, this is my final decision on the remainder of Generation One’s story as it comes to its logical end.  Part one of the Prologue will be updated soon, as I am cleaning up my final draft to be uploaded.  I am happy with the rewrite so far, and I hope you will be, too.

There are good things to come, so stay tuned!

Thoughts on the Prologue

Hi everyone!  Chapters one and two of the prologue are up and live on the blog, and I hope you are enjoying the story that brought the two young lovers together.  One thing I was thinking of when I was cleaning up my draft that I should explain quickly.  I have not played this part of the story in the Sims 3.  The events that happen in the prologue are all from my imagination, but technically, most of it could have happened in the game.  That said, I’ve taken quite a bit of creative license to tell the story the way I felt it should go.  The story will be played in game from the day after the wedding, which is where the prologue will end, and the generation one/founding story will begin.

Look for chapter three to be posted tomorrow!